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          Huayuan is a company initially established on the invention and innovation of pharmaceutical equipment 23 years ago. Research and development played important role in the past days. The department of R&D grew up to be one of core divisions and was certified as "Gansu Advanced Enterprise R&D Center" in 2007. The powerful strength in R&D made Huayuan to have obtained "Chinese Hi-Tech Enterprise" certification in 2008.

          The series of automatic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pill-making machine are creative achievements in TCM production. The revolutionary change happened in the field of TCM production in the past 20 years due to the birth of this new machine. Nearly all of Chinese TCM pharmaceutical companies choose this kind of machine to replace traditional manual pill-making. The outstanding quality and excellent performance shows at the automatic controlling, the high efficiency productivity, the perfect pill shape and the completely complication to GMP standard. As the leading provider Huayuan possesses  more than 50% domestic markets share and also exports to foreign users.  

          Huayuan got involved in R&D of microwave drying and sterilizing equipment for a large number of needs on drying and sterilizing equipment from TCM pharmaceutical companies. Continuous innovations in 10 years successfully made a series of microwave drying and sterilizing equipments. This machine are welcomed by users due to the advantages of fast & uniform heating, energy saving, high efficiency, easy control and non-pollution.  More and more order forms come from foodstuff, chemical, agriculture, wood and textile besides pharmaceutical. Today the business department of industrial microwave application contributes a mass income to Huayuan and as well made the latter to be the biggest manufacturer and main provider of the most advanced technology in China.  

           The innovative spirit spurs Huayuan speed up in the design and manufacture of new products. There are 40 researchers, engineers and senior technicians work in a  1,800 square meters experimental field installed with advanced world-level processing machines where more than 20 patents be invented every year. Till now more than 200 patents has been registered and protected as intellectual property including fast-growing international PCT patent in recent several years. All of this answered why  Huayuan grew up so fast to be a leading provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pill-making line, automatic bottle packaging line, microwave drying and sterilizing equipment, microwave extracting equipment and sterilizers.

           The knowledge, experience and abundant resource in R&D providers Huayuan strong ability to realize your ideas and imaginations. You're welcome to contact us if you have any request or need!