CIPM 50th International Pharmaceutical Machninery Expo Held in Wuhan

    50th (2015 Autumn) National Pharmaceutical Machinery & China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition held on 28-31 Oct 2015 in Wuhan International Expo Center, China.

    LSL Holding Inc.(Huayuan Group) dispatched a delegation with 34 stuffs to participate this grand meeting. 
    So many friends civil and abroad came to our expo booth which 432M2 in square to visit our exhibition equipments. Huayuan sent the latest R&D achievements including automatic pill-making line, microwave vacuum drying machine, vacuum steam sterilizers and automatic packing line to show the progress to customers. All of people praised what we did for clients not only quality, techinic service but also after-sales service.

    More than 50 purchasing orders were signed on the spot total amounted 1.2 million USD. We thanks very much for the trust and support given from our friends all around of the world and we will continousely try our best to offer the much more better products and servives to our customers!